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Saturday, August 21, 2021

The Headliners, Volume 3


 It's never to late to stop procrastinating. This is for Jack Hicks member of the Facebook group "Exotica...and other Cool, Unusual Music.

On January 1, 2020 he asked" I own a Columbia Records sampler that features Andy WIliams, Les Paul and Mary Ford among others.
I currently don't have a turntable.  I love the song "Go On Loving You" by Les Paul and Mary Ford.  It's a very swanky/bluesy tune that is incredible.  I would love to post it if I could.  It's rare.  You can't find it on youtube and it's not available to download from Amazon.  
Does anyone out there have this album and a turntable?  Could you send me an MP3 of the song?  I play guitar and I want to learn the guitar parts.  
Thank you everyone.  What a wonderful site this is!  I love it here!  Happy New Year

Photos from Discogs.

01. Steve Lawrence - Tell Her I Said Hello
02. Dave Brubeck With Strings - Kathy's Waltz
03. Marty Robbins - Never Look Back
04. Jerry Murad's Harmonicats -Chiquita
05. Bobby Vee - Tenderly Yours
06. The André Previn Trio - Lose Me Now
07. The Banjo Barons - Medley Hello My Baby Red River Valley
08. Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And Chorus - To My Love
09. Andy Williams - The Wonderful World Of The Young
10. Ferrante & Teicher - Theme From "Goodbye Again"
11. Les Paul And Mary Ford - Go On Loving You
12. Roger Williams – Greensleeves
13. Brook Benton - Revenge
14. André Kostelanetz And His Orchestra - Cielito Lindo



Saturday, August 14, 2021

The Will Bronson Singers - Best of Broadway


 Enjoy these cheesy group vocals.  Picked this LP up at the WICN record fair a few months ago. How many times have I heard Joe play "Soon it's Gonna Rain" from this very same LP?
Here I'm showing my lady the back of the record and Joe's very own notations next to the tracks. Trivia the expert DJ's usually mention before or after announcing a track. For instance next to "Holly Golightly" Joe wrote "Audrey Hepburn". And under "Baby, Dream your Dream" Joe wrote "Dorothy Fields 1966". Cy Coleman is the credited composer.... but they left out lyricist Fields. . She almost seems impressed right? No.

Will Bronson "presented" a Solid State LP with The InCrowd. seems to be the same group of course. Compare it yourself. These Sonny Lester recording were being made all day long in Hollywood. Available on YouTube.  You can also find the "Theme from Hawaii" by Elmer Bernstein and Mack David. Was hoping for a more exotica-ish rendition. But no. 

Discogs mentions 2 albums and 4 singles..(they were the chorus in Tony Bennett's Bossa Nova LP, If I Ruled The World. Manny Albam arranging.

A1 Mame
A2 Don't Rain On My Parade
A3 Cabaret
A4 Hello Dolly
A5 Little Bird, Little Bird
A6 Holly Golightly
B1 The Apple Tree
B2 Soon It's Gonna Rain
B3 Baby, Dream Your Dream
B4 If He (She) Walked Into My Life
B5 Comedy Tonight
B6 I Believe In You


Saturday, June 19, 2021

Shani Wallis ‎– Look To Love


At today's WICN record sale picked up a few LP's owned by retied DJ Joe Slezik. Would never have known about Shani Wallis.But after listening to his show for over 20 years the tunes he picked are bouncing around the brain.
Besides the Discogs scans added a photo of the back where Joe notated the tracks he always played. "I'm Just Wild About Harry",  "Think Sometimes About Me", "I'm Old Fashioned"," How Are Things In Glocca Morra".
Some over the top stuff here. A little schlocky by the standards of those who like this stuff. 
Shani nver had the career that Julie Andrews had...

What's interesting are the tracks Joe Didn't play that would appeal to younger fans. "Let Your Love Come Through" and a rather dark "The Look Of Love" both from Casino Royale. 

Joe never played a Bond theme.



A1 This Dream 
A2 Let Your Love Come Through
A3 I'm Just Wild About Harry   
A4 Think Sometimes About Me   
A5 I'm Old Fashioned   
A6 The Look Of Love   
B1 How Are Things In Glocca Morra   
B2 More Than You Know   
B3 Raining In My Heart    
B4 If Love Should Come Your Way    
B5 That's A Lie   
B6 What Will Become Of Me     

 Shani Wallis - Look to Love



Saturday, May 22, 2021

How to Buy Meat

 This LP came up on a Facebook group, So had to re-share.


"Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For all you Vegans out there who are curious as to how we carnivores do it.

This record has sentimental value to me. This was the one that got me into oddball records. When I found this one several years ago in the thrift shop, I had to go out and locate a turntable, just so I could listen to it. I'd been really delinquent during the Compact Disc era, and had let my last turntable breakdown and go unrepaired. Now I have four turntables. It won't happen again.

If it does, stick a fork in me. I'm done.


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Edie Adams ‎– Behind Those Swingin' Doors

Maybe you recognize the name. She was Ernie  Kovacs wife and co-star and on a few tracks of the album "The Ernie Kovacs Album" that has a space age quality with Edie on 2 tracks, singing a weird version of "Indian Love Call" and The Wrong Man".

 Edie is also the hottie who was cooped up with Sid Caesar in "IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD".

This LP was given to me by Vicki, my co-Admin at the Exotica...and other Cool,Unusual Music Facebook group. Wanted to know who was the arranger: Johnny Burke, a good name, good arranger. who helped Perez Prado get established in the US and did the Siamese Cat Song with Peggy Lee.

 Edie is also credited on a few tracks as arranger and adapter. So she's more than a voice. A Julliard graduate who could sing anything, even opera.

Images form Discogs. 

Kept the original rip side 1 and side 2 in the directory. In case that makes it easier to clean up the pops and clicks.

01. Edie Adams - Bill Bailey
02. Edie Adams - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'    
03. Edie Adams - Careless Love    
04. Edie Adams - Just A Girl, That Men Forget    
05. Edie Adams - Oh, How He Lied    
06. Edie Adams - I've Got Rings On My Fingers    
07. Edie Adams - Roving Gambler    
08. Edie Adams - Good For Nothin' Joe    
09. Edie Adams - Aura Lee    
10. Edie Adams - When My Sugar Walks Down The Street    
11. Edie Adams - Loveless Love    
12. Edie Adams - Frankie And Johnny


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Bobby Scott - A Taste of Honey

 Really like this song, hard to believe this is first place it was featured. A dismal British play.



Can be found on YouTube.  This is my own rip. Pops and clicks et all. The download has the 12 split tracks and the original side one and side two I recorded.

01. Bobby Scott - Act I Overture
02. Bobby Scott - Helen's Theme
03. Bobby Scott - Peter's Theme
04. Bobby Scott - Rain Music
05. Bobby Scott - Bridge Scene
06. Bobby Scott - A Taste Of Honey
07. Bobby Scott - Peter's Vamp
08. Bobby Scott - Peter's Vamp
09. Bobby Scott - Carnival Theme & Geoffrey
10. Bobby Scott - Heat Music
11. Bobby Scott - A Taste Of Honey (Refrain)
12. Bobby Scott - A Taste Of Honey (Closing Theme)

Getting the hang of the USB Turntable. My friend Vicki Kuku a co-admin at the Exotica...and other Cool,Unusual Music Facebook site sent me an Edie Adams LP Decca want to do.

Not removing pops and clicks on Audacity.... maybe should do that.  

Also have a TB coming from a friend. There may be a lot of rips on that to share...

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Bonnie Prudden and Otto Cesana - Keep Fit Be Happy Volume 2


Don't have a heart attack, digitized an LP today. Found in a Salvation Army, this is not out there digitized maybe..Hope it gets shared.

Years ago in the old and now gone ExoticaRing Vern Stoltz created a compilation named "In The Wink Of An Eye"  the last track was an exercise track with a very Carl Stalling/ Raymond Scott mechanical vibe. "Pelvic Twist+Blackout- Bonnie Prudden with Otto Cesan- Keep Fit, Be Happy #2"

Track 3 on the LP.

I added the original comp to the Zip as a bonus.

Vern's an interesting person, retired and posting about cocktails and theater.

01. Warmup - Nicholett
02. Candlelight and Wine
03. Pelvic Tilt - Blackout
04. Side Lifts - Breezing Along
05. Stand Stretch - Sheer Ecstasy
06. Sitting - The Fan
07. Prone - Velvet Love
08. Spine - Dancing In The Rain
09. Chair - Parting
10. Walks #1 - Ridin' Wild
11. Side Lifts - Breezing Along
12. Four Feet - You're On
13. Shoulder Stands - Lingering Doubts
14. Weight Lifting - Pensive Mood

I ripped this on a Maginon USB Turntable with Bluetooth. You stick a UBS into the turntables USB port, press and hold a button and you record onto the USB. only cost $45 at Aldi's.